About Us

POWIS Ltd is a building and refurbishment company that provides a wide range of specialist contractors to suit all your needs.

POWIS Ltd has extensive experience working on a range of projects, from domestic works to large commercial projects within the hospitality sector. 


We are driven to provide high quality bespoke work, with a strong focus on attention to detail. We also pride ourselves on our ability to complete projects on time and within budget. 



As a company we pride ourselves on providing our clients with everything they need to carry out their project from start to finish. We offer highly qualified architects and designers for initial design stages, which will work with you throughout your entire project to ensure it looks and feels exactly how you want.

We provide a diverse range of highly experienced contractors to carry out the project right through to practical completion, any works that need to be carried out are arranged and managed through POWIS Ltd.

Our project management team, backed with a RISK and safety management qualification, are on hand at all times to ensure clients are fully involved in all stages of the project and their vision is carried through as smoothly and accurately as possible. We work hard to ensure any project is completed to the highest of standards and exactly to your requirements. 

Please take a look at our commercial portfolio to see our latest projects completed.



We are highly experience in carrying out all areas of residential works including full build and completion of extensions of any size. We also provide everything from bathroom fitting to kitchens to outdoor works including fences, paving, decking and gates. Please take a look at our residential portfolio to see some of our recent projects.